What You Need in a Diet Center

When trying to get healthy and lose weight, choosing the right weight loss center is key to your success.  At Figure Savers we try to give you the best that Ideal Protein has to offer.  Some clinics will just sell you their products and they are not very involved with you and your weight loss experience.  Coaching should be an integral part of any weight loss experience, and Figure Savers takes training of its coaches very seriously.  Figure Savers coaches are all former Ideal Protein dieters!  They know  what it’s like!  There are several reasons coaching is important.

First, accountability is so important when you are preparing your meals and when you are being tempted by a treat that you are not supposed have.   When you know that you are going to have to explain what you ate to a health coach, you will be less inclined to deviate from your diet plan.  Sticking to the plan will help you get the best results.

Second, education!  Your health coach should be educating you at every visit.  You should learn something new each time.  You might learn something about yourself – like recognizing that eating at night while watching TV was just a bad habit and you are able to kick it!  Or, you might learn that nuts generally have all three macro-nutrients- protein, fats and carbohydrates.  The more you know about the physiology of weight loss, the easier it will be.

Third, planning!  Your health coach ought to be helping you plan for your upcoming week.  Maybe  you have a big event coming up and you need help avoiding Aunt Marge who will undoubtedly tell you you can’t leave the party until you’ve had cake and ice cream.  Maybe sticking to some aspect of the plan is difficult for your lifestyle.  Your coach can help you adjust the plan enough that it is still within the protocol parameters, but it will fit into your time schedule.

Finally, sharing your success!  There is no one happier (other than yourself) to see you hit your weight loss and health goals than your Figure Savers coach.   We love hearing our Goal Bell ring!  It is music to our ears!