What to Do When You Experience “Ketosis Breath”

Mint and other essential oilsWhen following a low-carb diet, there is one potential side effect that no one wants: bad breath. Often referred to as “ketosis breath,” the smell of acetone or ammonia on your breath can be upsetting. Fortunately, it is not a permanent side effect of keto weight loss in Maryland.

What Causes Ketosis Breath?

Though there are many reasons as to why you might be experiencing a case of bad breath, the switch to a low-carb diet may produce acetone or ammonia smells in your mouth. As you cut carbs from your diet, your body starts using more fat for energy. This process creates molecules called ketones, which can be excreted through your breath.

How to Treat Keto-Breath?

Though this odd smell may be unpleasant, it is not forever and will often disappear a few weeks to a few months after you start your low carb diet. Below are four things you can do to help remedy the smell in the meantime.

  • er: Drinking more water throughout the day will help wash the smell out of your mouth.
  • Use natural breath fresheners: Mint, parsley, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds all have natural compounds that can freshen your breath.
  • Breath capsules: Some health stores create “breath capsules” filled with parsley oil to help remedy this particular type of bad breath.
  • Mints or gum: Sugar-free mints or gum can be used in a pinch, just be sure to keep an eye on the carbs they contain.