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Common Myths about Low Carb Diets

Various green fruits and vegetables

When people think of low-carb diets, they often think of boring, unhealthy eating plans that include no fruits or vegetables and a huge increase in unhealthy fats. The truth, however, is that a low-carb diet in Howard County, MD, can be very beneficial for weight loss. Below are three common myths about low-carb diets.

Myth #1: Low Carb = No Carb

Many people think that a low-carb diet really means eliminating all carbs. Whole carbs are necessary for your body, and low-carb diets simply adjust the target levels for carbohydrates, not get rid of them.

Myth #2: No Fruits and Vegetables

Since many of the calories in some fruits or vegetables come from carbohydrates, many people think they are not allowed at all in these diet plans. The opposite is actually true. These vegetables and low-carb fruits are the primary sources of carbs eaten on these diet plans.

Myth #3: Low-Carb Diets Cause Heart Disease

Low-carb diets have a variety of health benefits, including improving blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart disease markers. Even plans that contain a lot of protein and animal fat have not been proven to raise the risk of heart disease.

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