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What to Do When You Experience “Ketosis Breath”

Mint and other essential oilsWhen following a low-carb diet, there is one potential side effect that no one wants: bad breath. Often referred to as “ketosis breath,” the smell of acetone or ammonia on your breath can be upsetting. Fortunately, it is not a permanent side effect of keto weight loss in Maryland.

What Causes Ketosis Breath?

Though there are many reasons as to why you might be experiencing a case of bad breath, the switch to a low-carb diet may produce acetone or ammonia smells in your mouth. As you cut carbs from your diet, your body starts using more fat for energy. This process creates molecules called ketones, which can be excreted through your breath.

How to Treat Keto-Breath?

Though this odd smell may be unpleasant, it is not forever and will often disappear a few weeks to a few months after you start your low carb diet. Below are four things you can do to help remedy the smell in the meantime.

  • er: Drinking more water throughout the day will help wash the smell out of your mouth.
  • Use natural breath fresheners: Mint, parsley, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds all have natural compounds that can freshen your breath.
  • Breath capsules: Some health stores create “breath capsules” filled with parsley oil to help remedy this particular type of bad breath.
  • Mints or gum: Sugar-free mints or gum can be used in a pinch, just be sure to keep an eye on the carbs they contain.

What is Keto Adaptation?

Woman standing on a scale with a measuring tapeA ketogenic diet is designed to significantly minimize the number of carbohydrates you eat and increase the level of healthy fats. As your carbohydrate levels fall, your body is forced to burn stored fat as fuel instead, which results in weight loss.

Keto-adaptation is the process your body goes through as it changes from using carbs to fat for energy. Though your body is always using a mixture of the two for energy, it tends to reach for glucose, or carbs, first when in a non-keto-adapted state. As your body enters ketosis, it starts to reach for fat instead, causing quicker weight loss than many other diet plans.

Though this short process of entering a keto-adapted state can often be somewhat long and unpleasant, the benefits you experience once the switch has been made are well worth it. At Figure Savers Diet & Weight Loss Center, our Ideal Protein weight loss program helps you achieve this state while still feeling full and energized.

If you are interested in keto weight loss in Maryland, contact our facility to inquire about our plans. The Ideal Protein program has provided exceptional results for all of our clients, and we are always welcoming new clients. You can reach Figure Savers today at (443) 840-7818 to get started.

The Dangers of Processed Carbs

Loaves of white breadNot all carbs are created equal, and though some of them can be good for you, it is the processed carbohydrates that you need to watch out for. A carbohydrate is considered processed or refined when the food is stripped of all of its nutritional value. A clear indicator of a refined carb is products made from white flour, white sugar, or high fructose corn syrup.

Below are just some of the adverse effects processed carbs can have on the body.

Metabolic disruption: When you eat foods with fiber and nutritional value, your body has to work harder to break them down. When you eat processed carbs, your body treats them as sugar, allowing them to be absorbed quickly. This forces your pancreas to go into overdrive, producing much more insulin to counter your rising blood glucose levels. Not only does this drastically stress your liver, but it can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, and visceral fat accumulation.

Hormonal imbalances: Another danger of processed carbs is an increased risk of hormone disruption, especially in women. As these carbs are processed by the body, a hormonal response is triggered. This response can lead to mood swings, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Cardiovascular disease: The more refined carbs you consume, the bigger strain you’re putting on your heart. These carbs promote inflammation, which is incredibly bad for your heart. They also contain a large amount of sugar and unhealthy fats, putting you at a higher risk of having a heart attack if you consume too much on a regular basis.

If you are interested in limiting your carbohydrate intake, look to Figure Savers Weight Loss & Diet Center for keto weight loss in Maryland. We will help you lose weight and learn how to maintain a healthy, happy body.