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The Dangers of Visceral Fat

Woman eating breadMany times, body fat is viewed as something we want to remove to look and feel better, but the health risks of certain types of fat are often overlooked. Visceral fat is an excess gel-like form of fat that forms deep in the abdominal tissue. This kind of fat can be very dangerous, as it wraps around major organs such as the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

Visceral fat is mainly identified by a protruding belly and large waist, but anyone can have some stored away whether it is visible or not. Carrying around excess weight is never good, but this particular type of fat can change how your body functions. Visceral fat is toxic and can provoke inflammation and interfere with hormonal functions. It also comes with an increased risk for a variety of conditions, such as coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, sleep disorders, and more.

How Does Visceral Fat Develop?

Blood sugar levels play a significant role in how your brain and body communicate about food. When there’s too much glucose in our system, the excess becomes stored as fat. The excess sugar from processed starches and sugary foods trigger the pancreas to release more insulin than necessary. This results in weight gain and an increased feeling of being hungry, particularly for sweets.

Visceral fat storage is primarily caused by consuming more calories than necessary, sex and growth hormone imbalances, and excessive dietary fructose. Combat this unhealthy body fat before it is too late by signing up for the Ideal Protein weight loss program available at Figure Savers Weight Loss & Diet Center. We will help you obtain the body you have always dreamed of while improving your overall health in the process.

3 Essential Components of any Weight Loss Plan, Part 2

Woman holding a smoothieLosing weight is a long-term commitment that requires diligence and a strict, but manageable eating plan. Overcoming cravings and reshaping your current eating habits can be quite the battle and many people are unaware of the small changes they can make every day. When you sign up for our Ideal Protein weight loss program at Figure Savers, you’ll receive professional guidance on how to say no to junk food and yes to a healthier lifestyle.

Learn How to Control Your Cravings

Whether you’re a life-long sweet tooth or can’t resist munching on chips during your binge-watching sessions, we all have that one food we just can’t get enough of. Unfortunately, many of the foods we crave are doing our body a lot of harm. Though our short-term willpower may be able to get us through for a couple of weeks, sooner or later many people fall victim of over-indulging during a “cheat day.”

Any quality weight loss program will be able to provide you with the techniques needed to resist these cravings and replace them with a healthier yet just as satisfactory option. Rather than giving in to chips and sweets, you’ll be able to be more in tune with your body and provide it with what it truly wants and needs. For more information on how to get started with an Ideal Protein weight loss program, contact Figure Savers today at (443) 840-7818.