How Does Ketosis Work?

Our Weight Loss Clinic in Maryland Uses Ketosis for Patient Success

Would you believe protein is a powerful ally in your efforts to lose weight? Often, people think about cutting calories to shed pounds. While it is true reducing calories works, this thinking has pitfalls that make it hard for you to take off those pounds and keep them off. On the other hand, eating foods rich in protein and fat help you drop pounds while retaining muscles.

With the Ideal Protein weight loss program from Figure Savers Weight Loss & Diet Center, you burn up excess fat and stay strong. Schedule a consultation at our weight loss clinic in Maryland to find out how a ketogenic diet works to get rid of those extra pounds for good.

How Does Ketosis Work?

Understanding how weight loss happens is the key to a successful diet program. For more than 20 years, our weight loss clinic in Maryland has been helping people just like you win the battle of the bulge, using the principles of ketosis. By filling your body with protein and fat and significantly limiting carbohydrates, you force your body to burn fat.

A physician designed our weight loss program, so you know it is healthy and effective. The basis of this program is Ideal Protein. On our weight loss program, you eat plenty of protein from our wide variety of menu options. These delicious prepared foods make it enjoyable and convenient for you to diet, while benefiting from ketosis.

Our Ideal Protein foods are high in protein and fat, yet low in carbohydrates and sugar. This results in your body using fat and energy while maintaining muscle mass. Protein and fat are vital to our diet plan because these food groups help you to lose weight without feeling as if you were starving.

The success stories of the countless patients from our weight loss clinic in Maryland are proof positive that a ketogenic diet works to lose weight. Since you do not decrease muscle, it is easier for you to maintain weight loss because muscle is what burns calories. Our patients feel satisfied on a diet of Ideal Protein products, which makes it so much easier to release those unwanted pounds forever.

Come into our clinic to find out how ketosis can fuel your weight loss. We proudly treat clients in Columbia, Maryland.