4 “Healthy” Foods that are causing you to Gain Weight

Learn Proper Weight Managing Tips at our Weight Loss Clinic in Maryland

Learning how to eat clean and healthy can be an uphill battle, especially when you are seemingly doing all of the right things with no results to show for it. At the Figure Savers weight loss clinic in Maryland, we will help you get your eating habits in line with healthy, nutrition-approved Ideal Protein snacks and meals. When it comes to making healthy eating choices, the basics may seem pretty clear; however, some foods are marketed as healthy that are doing more harm than good.

Enhanced Water

At our weight loss clinic in Maryland, we encourage all of our clients to drink as much water as possible. We get that water can be incredibly boring for some people, and many will try to up their liquid in-take with enhanced bottled waters. Unfortunately, these products are not always as healthy as they sound. Before purchasing a bottle of enhanced water, be sure to check the label thoroughly. Often, the sugar content is very high, and you may as well have just grabbed a can of soda! Instead, opt for unsweetened teas or create your own flavored water by infusing it with fruits and herbs such as cucumber, watermelon, and mint.

Wheat Bread

Bread has a history of going back and forth on the “healthy” scale. Though wheat bread is often marketed as being on the healthier side, it’s far more processed and lacks some of the critical nutrients we can gain from it. Wheat bread lacks the necessary fiber, which is extremely important to weight management. For those partaking in the Ideal Protein program at our weight loss clinic in Maryland, we recommend opting for sprouted grain bread for you and your family. Not only does it taste great, but it is far less processed than many of the other varieties on the shelf.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can be a great addition to cereals, nuts, and as a standalone snack. However, these dried “healthy” fruits are anything but. Dried fruit is packed with added sugar and lacks much of the nutritional value the fresh version has to offer. Though they may seem like a great quick snack, the reality is that they will not help you out too much in the long run. Fruit, in general, contains a lot of sugar and at our weight loss clinic in Maryland; we will help you learn the tools to moderate your natural sugar intake.

Diet Soda

Just because something is labeled as “diet” doesn’t mean it is automatically better for you. Diet soda can be even more detrimental than a can of the full-sugar stuff. This is because of the artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, that companies use to mimic a sweet taste. Artificial sweeteners trick your brain into expecting calories that are not there. This results in poor insulin response and higher glucose levels which lead to increased fat storage and risk for diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. By joining our weight loss clinic in Maryland, we will help you kick your soda habit once and for all and teach you how to find healthier refreshment options.