Achieve Great Results with our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

At Figure Savers Weight Loss & Diet Center, we apply the healthy Ideal Protein products to achieve weight loss success with our clients. The Ideal Protein weight loss program is a four-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. This process is called ketosis.

To maximize our dieters’ chances for balanced weight management, the Ideal Protein weight loss program emphasizes not just sensible weight reduction, but also provides the education needed to sustain your weight loss. After completing all four phases of the program, your weight loss coach will have educated you on smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices. Our Columbia weight loss center will assist you in maintaining your new body weight even after the program has ended.

We all know dieting is not meant to last forever, but living at a smarter, healthier weight can:

  • Reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Promote vitality, energy, self-confidence, and sex drive.
  • Support better memory function.

Our weight loss center in MD offers a proven approach to healthy dieting. Contact Figure Savers Weight Loss & Diet Center today at (443) 840-7818 to learn more about our program. We proudly treat clients in Columbia, Maryland.

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