How Ketosis Can Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Man with arthritis pain in his wristOne of the many great things about the keto diet is that it is anti-inflammatory, which improves the body’s ability to heal and protect itself. Through ketosis, many people are now able to manage and reduce symptoms related to inflammation, including conditions such as arthritis.

Ketosis reduces inflammation by limiting excess sugar in the diet, halting the surge of insulin that is produced by unregulated blood sugar levels. Many chronic diseases, such as nerve damage, arthritis, and diabetes, all come with a high amount of inflammation in the body. When you live with a condition resulting from inflammation, a ketogenic diet will help do the following:

  • Decrease nervous system activity, thus relieving pain perception
  • Decrease reactive oxygen species that contribute to inflammation
  • Increase adenosine, a natural chemical that fights inflammation and acts as a pain reliever

Due to these responses, a keto diet can successfully help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and other chronic conditions. This will help make the disease much more manageable on a daily basis.

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