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How the Body Burns Fat

Glass scale with blue tape measureBurning fat is something our bodies are primed to do throughout the day. Fat burning occurs when you are performing any physical activity, from a rigorous 1-hour training session to taking 15 minutes to clean out your closet. The keto diet is known for kicking fat burning into high gear, but what is happening when your body burns fat for energy?

On most Western or Mediterranean diets, the body burns sugar produced by carbs to get its energy. The body only starts to reach into the fat cells for energy when it is low on sugar and enters what is called ketosis. This state can be great for those looking to lose weight and can be achieved on the low carb, high fat keto diet.

During ketosis, your liver works to break down fatty acids into compounds called ketone bodies. Though most of your body’s cells can absorb fatty acids for energy, your brain relies on these ketone bodies to transmit the energy in usable form. When on the keto diet, you can convince your body to switch gears to ketosis for fat burning instead of the usual sugar burning process.

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