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Why Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a physician designed weight loss protocol that specializes in burning fat while sparing muscle loss, as well as including a healthy and effective maintenance plan to keep your weight off for your lifetime. It encompasses a healthy way to lose weight as well as education for the client so he or she can continue making good choices throughout their lives.
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Our Products

Ideal Protein’s unmatched variety of instant, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-serve products are skillfully developed to exacting flavor and texture.
Furthermore, Ideal Protein uses only the highest quality protein products in our line of gourmet weight loss products, because not all protein sources are created equal.

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Figure Savers weight loss clinic in MD holds free seminars each week to get our new clients started. We want you to start this journey with all the tools necessary to take you to your goals. This starts with education! Learn why you have become overweight, and why you have cravings and how to conquer them. Learn how being overweight can have a direct affect on some metabolic conditions.
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Find out what Figure Savers’ clients have to say about Ideal Protein and our weight loss clinic in Maryland. Find out how you can get the most out of your Ideal Protein journey. Figure Savers helps clients get to their weight loss goals and helps them maintain their healthier state.


Try our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

At Figure Savers Weight Loss and Management Clinic, our nutrition coaches offer one of the most successful weight loss programs in Columbia, Maryland. We’ll help you achieve the weight loss results that you want. You deserve good health that lasts a lifetime, and our weight loss strategies will help you get there.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight. Our weight loss clinic in Maryland has surveyed hundreds of our dieters, and we’ve found that the number one reason for wanting to lose weight is to have improved health. Maintaining your target weight is an important part of staying healthy.

Achieve Your Goals with Our Weight Loss Plans in Howard County, MD

We like to encourage our clients to look at their long-term health goals. Whether you want to be able to work well into your old age or energetically play with your grandchildren and be less dependent on medications, getting to a healthy weight and staying there is just one step in helping you reach these goals.

That’s where we can help. We are an authorized Ideal Protein weight loss clinic. In addition to getting you to your healthy weight loss goal, we coach you through your program and help you to maintain your healthy target weight. As each of us have slightly different nutritional needs, our maintenance program is individualized to accommodate each client’s unique needs.

Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men

The Ideal Protein products that we use at our wellness clinic are part of a medically developed, methodical weight loss program that has over 10 years of proven success. However, we don’t just help you shed unwanted pounds. After your initial weight loss, we help you keep the weight off via education in smarter eating and one-on-one personal coaching. Just a few of the benefits of following our approach include:

  • Improved Blood Sugar Levels
  • Making Informed Dietary Decisions
  • Maintaining Healthier Weight through Lifestyle Modifications

Slimming Down for Health and Beauty

The Ideal Protein method burns fat while supporting muscle mass. This is called ketosis, and this strategy protects you from one of the most common but little-known side effects of dieting: lost muscle tissue. If you burn muscle along with fat while dieting, you will inhibit your ability to burn calories after your diet.

You need muscle mass in order to burn calories. If you lose muscle tissue along with fat, you will not be able to burn as many calories as you did prior to dieting. As a result, dieters who lose muscle regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after dieting. Ideal protein uses high quality protein products to protect your muscle while you lose fat. This sensible approach helps you lose weight while reinforcing your overall health.

If you’re looking for effective weight loss assistance using a sensible ketogenic approach, contact us. We proudly treat clients in Columbia, Maryland and the surrounding counties.

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What Our Clients Have To Say!

I Have Renewed My Sense of Self-Esteem

I started Ideal Protein because I needed a serious breakthrough with my weight loss. I was stuck at a two year plateau which was frustrating because I was very active with fitness and would “eat clean” but I just could not seem to lose body fat. One of my coworkers had recently started Ideal Protein and I was amazed by her results just after a few weeks. I attended a workshop and was educated about the science behind the diet. I knew at that point I just had to give it a try! I stayed on the program for 4 months and lost 40 lbs. I went from wearing a size 16 to a size 9, and I feel amazing! I even inspired my Mom to start the diet.

I’m so thankful for this program because it’s helped to renew my sense of self-esteem. Being on maintenance has been great and I’m continuing to make healthy food choices. If you’ve heard about Ideal Protein, attend a workshop and give a try. Your results will speak for themselves!